Don't pay attention to people who tell you it can't be done, take the first step and let our trained Quit educator and community health nurse demonstrate the way. In addition to all medical benefits, one of the incentives of giving up cigarettes is all the money you will put away. There are online calculators that work out how much richer you'll be… Read More

It really is no top secret that children's epidermis is different from that of adults, with distinctive features, developmental needs and concerns for examination and treatment. These places cause no symptoms themselves, but most patients do nothing like their appearance. They can be treated in many ways, but medical treatment is not necessary. Phy… Read More

Wondering if your cat has a skin problem ? Preferably, your cat's fur is clean and fluffy. Her skin area should also feel clean when you pet her. No redness, lumps, flaking, or any other signals of irritation. So if you discover red areas, pimples, scabs, wide open sores, scaly areas, or hair thinning, she may have a condition of the skin that need… Read More

If you can bike or walk to work, well, lucky you. That isn't always practical for everyone, although it is a great way to stay fit. However, think about supplying yourself some extra time in the morning and parking farther from your building. The walk can help wake you up on just how in. For children aged six years and aged and teenagers, the most … Read More

For those who smoke, quitting is the very best thing they can do for his or her health, and for the sake of their own families (especially their children), whānau and friends. I quit smoking a little over a week ago. Got ill immediately. Didn't know that was a good indication tho. This sitr has alot of good information I never understood. Thanks. … Read More